Why is web hosting important?

It is with a view to increasing your reputation and your turnover that you think about the creation of a website. You already imagine the pages, the sections, the different articles and products to insert and you forget the essential: the hosting of your site. What it is and how to choose your host, we help you understand.

What is web hosting?

The website is a collection of multimedia pages and files intended to be seen from all over the world. However, it is not enough to create a site to see it appear on the Internet: some sites or networks have the particularity of being private, specific to a single company (we then speak of intranet). Behind the internet, there are a lot of servers that store pages and sites and they are the ones that transmit their content to the internet, as long as the searches we launch in the engines are related to it. So you need to host your site on one of these servers so that it is available to everyone, at any time and at any hour. In the same way that you save a file on your computer and that only you have the possibility to consult it, it is in the same way that it is necessary to load your site on the server which will host it and make it visible to the whole world.

In simpler terms, the hosting of your website is its physical materialization on the internet.

What should you consider while choosing a web host?

The best web hosting must meet your website needs and requirements, mainly the speed, the security and and support.

Start with taking a look at the currently top best web hosts to get a look at their offers. KoDDoS web hosting is one of them, with secure, scalable and even offshore offers for your website. Next is to evaluate your need for support from your provider and the amount of traffic you expect. This will help you decide whether you need a shared hosting or dedicated server.

Finally, you should not totally trust unlimited offers, and must try your best to own your domain name so that you may change providers whenever the time comes.

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