North-Korea displays new military weapons in military parade

North Korea displayed its defense capabilities in a recent military parade, the second to hold in the past three months.


The military parade came after the eight-day party congress, and was held in Kim Il Sung square in Pyongyang. The event was attended by Kim Jong Un and other top officials Thursday evening.


The state-run news outlet, Korean Central News Agency, reported that the regime has become a “nuclear-weapon state and the world’s greatest defense power.”

Weapons contain new and improved technology

In addition to the rows of tanks, armored vehicles and rockets, there were several new weapons introduced to the public at the parade.


One was “Pukguksong 5,” reported by the North Korean state agency as “the world’s most powerful weapon, submarine-launch ballistic missile.” It is assumed to be an upgraded version of the nation’s submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM).


A submarine expert in Seoul suggested that North Korea may have applied the Multiple Independent Targeted Reentry Missile technology (MIRV) to the new model.

Analysts say North Korea is trying to show the world and its citizens its power


“The regime wants to be recognized as a nuclear power by showing off its new strategic weapons, pressuring the international community to respond to their nuclear disarmament negotiations,” Shin Beomchul, director of the Seoul-based Research Institute for Economy and Society said.


Another expert who analyzed the military showcase, said North Korea’s effort was to “attract attention” from the U.S.


“North Korea wants to prove to the world that their nuclear arsenal development is no bluff. They came up with a bigger SLBM since they failed to attract much attention during the military parade last October,” Cha Du Hyeogn, a visiting research fellow of the Asan Institute of Policy Studies said.


This is the first time a military parade occurred in conjunction with a Party Congress. The parade is seen by North Korea watchers as a way for Kim Jong Un to reassure his people of his capabilities as a ruler.